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Why are Promade lash fans preferred by lash artists?

by Quan Nguyen

What is Promade Fans?

promade fans-lavislash

Promade Fans blend craftsmanship and convenience, handcrafted by lash artists for a personalized touch. They offer the best of both worlds – beautiful, handmade, and uniquely ready-to-use volume fans. Unlike machine-made alternatives, each promade fan mimics the artistry of handmade techniques, ensuring a distinctive and high-quality finish.

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Advantages of Promade Fans

Reduce time for lashing

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Compared to hand-made fans, with pomade fans, lash artists don't need to spend time creating fans; they just need to order and are ready to apply them directly to the client's lashes.

Defining a natural full look

promade fans-lashing-lavislash

Promade fans are a blend of both premade and hand-made techniques. While they are pre-made, each promade fan mimics the artistry of handmade techniques, providing a natural and full look.

Offer a way to improve your lash skill

Lavislash has all the products promade fans such as Loose Fans, Ultra-Speed Fans, Medium Trays, etc... for you work with and improve your skills.

LavisLash's Promade Fans

promade fans-lavislash

Offer your clients a silkier feeling lash with the highest quality Korean PBT, with a light glue bonding at the base.
• Clients will love this more durable fan, offering some clients up to 6 weeks retention.
•LavisLash Promade Fans are soft, super dark, and fluffy, and have tiny bases that make them easy to work with.
• Heat bonded technique with minimal glue to ensure the lashes are fused together.

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