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by Quan Nguyen

Understanding promade fans

If you've been doing eyelash extensions for a while and have always wondered "What is promade fans?" Then LavisLash will enlighten you right here.

promade fans-lavislash

Promade Fans blend craftsmanship and convenience, handcrafted by lash artists for a personalized touch. They offer the best of both worlds – beautiful, handmade, and uniquely ready-to-use volume fans. Unlike machine-made alternatives, each promade fan mimics the artistry of handmade techniques, ensuring a distinctive and high-quality finish.


promade fans-lavislash


THE BASES: Promade Volume Fans have a slimmer base than Premade Fans.

promade fans-lavislash

THE WIDTH: Promades fans are a little wider while "premade" have often been a bit more narrow.

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THE PLACEMENT: This is also due to the shape of the fan bases, but you’ll notice that instead of being attached to the strip by the bottom of the base, they’re attached by the body  of the fan with the nice slim base pointing up slightly. When you come to pick these up, you’ll need to take them first by the base and place them back down so that you can pick them up comfortably by the body. This might sound like a lot of effort, but it’s still even faster than making a fan by hand!

How to use promade fans?

Using promade fans is more convenient, advantageous, and preeminent than traditional eyelash extensions. Instead of attaching false lashes one by one, lash artists now can save much time as well as make a thicker and marvelous lash line with promade fans. Lash artists just need only one step of applying them on client's lashes. This advancement reduces two-thirds of the time woman had to spend on an eyelash extensiosn before.

promade fans-lavislash

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