About us

Let's discover our world of lashes!


LavisLash is an eyelash extension manufacturer from Vietnam, born with the desire to provide lash artists access to high-quality supplies at the most affordable prices possible. LavisLash was founded in 2019 by SAKA BEAUTY Pte. Ltd. with the aim of assisting both novice and experienced eyelash technicians.

At the moment, our team has grown to more than 500 people to adhere to the ever growing demand of you, our dearest clients. The products of LavisLash have achieved specific results in Western markets such as the US, Canada, UK, Germany, etc as well as in Eastern markets such as Japan, China, Singapore, and more.

We're on a mission to take our brand to new heights, making top-notch lash products affordable and easy to access for artists everywhere. In simple terms, our goal is to stand out as the go-to store for exceptional eyelash extension supplies that are both high in quality and easily within reach. 


"To all lash sisters out there, at LavisLash, you are our top priority! LavisLash is a manufacturer and we don't sell to other brands, so we sell lashes directly from our workshop to you - no middlemen, no fuss. The LavisLash team is working hard to craft each lash fan with dedication, providing the best quality products guaranteed at the best price, especially for you - our valued customers. Just try one box and you'll quickly see how we stand out from other lash brands!" - From the founder of LavisLash, Mrs. Hanh Nguyen.


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High-quality Products

Here at LavisLash, we pour our hearts into creating lashes that are more than just products; they're a touch of enchantment. Imagine the softest, fluffiest lashes from the high quality material Korean PBT – that's what we bring to the lash game.

And here's the sweet deal – we make these beauties ourselves, so you can grab them straight from us at the best price out there.

We're all about quality, affordability, and making your lashes look absolutely stunning!

Reliable Support Team and Delivery

Our LavisLash team is super dedicated to giving you the best help possible. We're always here to share info about our stuff, give you pro tips for your work, and listen if you want to chat about your lash adventures.

We focus on getting your orders arrive accurately and on time, prioritizing your satisfaction over just speed. You can check out all the details about how we send and take stuff back in our shipping policy. You'll usually get your order in perfect condition for about 3-5 days after you buy it.

Ease of Payment

We make buying easy, all of the options you can think of, we have it! Credit, PayPal, GGPay, etc. We're spreading the love with FREE DELIVERY worldwide! You're amazing for trusting us and our goodies! 

To say thanks, we've got extra treats in store: cool discounts and surprise gifts to sweeten your deals. And wait, there's more! VIPs and our local pals get exclusive goodies through our special programs.