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How to make Promade Fans- Tutorial from Lash Artist

by Quan Nguyen

Promade fans have long been popular among lash enthusiasts and lash artists. Curious about what handmade fans are? Read this blog right away

There is a lot of debate about Promade Lash Fans. It must be admitted that when people first hear about Promade Fans, they have some peculiar views about it. However, in this industry, one should not dismiss anything until they have tried it. So, with this article, LavisLash will guide you on how to create Promade Lash Fans.

Another reason is that when lash artists create a full set on the spot, the pressure on their hands is too great, leading to hand pain syndromes. Therefore, spending 1-2 hours or a day in advance to make promade fans, you will feel much more relaxed. This has significantly reduced the pressure on your hands.

Product Used to create a Promade Fans

Step by step to have perfect Promade Fans

Pinch method

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Pull your lashes from the strip, ensuring that you create a nice and thin base. So, just remember, when making your fans, aim for them to be super pointy. Even if you pull and create your fans, and perhaps they aren't perfectly together all the way

Dip method

You lightly dip the fan in the middle of your glue cup. Keep in mind that when you apply, you'll have to redip, so you need to ensure that the amount of adhesive is so tiny.

Wipe method

After dipping the fans, you can proceed to gently wipe them on Plastic Transpore Tape. And done, you have already your own promade fans. Once you have your fans, you just need to store them in trays or boxes for proper preservation, based on their respective lengths. After that, you can approach your clients either on the same day or the following day.

Is there an even more convenient method?

If you want to save even more time and money, LavisLash Promade Fans are the best choice for you right now.

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The lashes are meticulously crafted from the finest Korean PBT by skilled artisans, offering your clients a silky feeling lash with a light glue bonding at the base. Ensure that LavisLash Promade Lash Fans closely resemble 99% of those created by lash artists.

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