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Why D Curl Lashes Don't Shine on Hooded Eyes: Reveal Now

by Mia T
Discover why D curl lashes might not be the best fit for hooded eyes and explore the ideal choices to enhance your unique eye shape! Embrace the captivating curled effect and uplift your look to new heights. We've got the expert advice you need to find the perfect match for your eyes. Unlock the secrets of stunning lashes now!

Understanding the D Curl lashes

Let's dig into the D Curl first before we get all fancy with eyelash extensions for different eye shapes. That curl is all about drama, perfect for peeps who wanna pop their eyes open and make a statement. It's like the C Curl's wilder cousin, with more curve and flair. These lashes are magic for those with downward-angled lashes, making them look bigger and brighter with that eye-catching curl.

What are Hooded Eyes?

So, what's the deal with heavy-lidded eyes and eyelash extensions? Well, hooded eyes are those with eyelids that kinda hide the crease. You might've seen celebs like Taylor Swift, Emma Stone, Blake Lively, or Jennifer Lawrence with these mysterious peepers. Those eyes can look like they got smaller lower eyelids, and when they're open, the eyelid hides behind the crease. To amp up those eyes with eyelash extensions, lash tech gotta pick the right curl and length to rock that fab look.

Why D curl lashes are unsuitable for Hooded Eyes

But hey, hold up! D Curl lashes might not be the best match for hooded eyes. The intense upward curl clashes with the extra skin layer that covers the crease of droopy eyelids. It's a challenge to apply them, 'cause they can touch the hooded part and cause some discomfort and irritation. Nobody wants that! Plus, all that rubbing can mess up the extensions and make them shed too soon, and that's a bummer for both you and your lash artist. Furthermore, applying lashes with D curl on those eyes might not deliver the desired aesthetic outcome. On top of that, the dramatic curl might not shine through as much with droopy eyes, 'cause the skin hides them a bit when the eyes are open.

How to identify Hooded Eyes?

Easy peasy! Take a moment to stand in front of the mirror and observe your upper eyelids when your eyes are open. Do you notice that they seem to be mostly or completely covered by the skin under your brow bones? If that's the case, there's a chance you've got yourself a pair of hooded eyelids! But wait, there's another nifty trick to confirm it. Pay attention to your eyelash line. Does the skin just below your brows gently touch your lash line or come remarkably close to it? If so, it's a telltale sign of hooded eyes.

Suitable Eye Shapes for D curl lashes

  • Close-Set Eyes: For close-set eyes, a hybrid style beckons, uniting D Curl on 75% of the length with CC Curl lashes on the remaining portion. This harmonious blend ensures an equilibrium of elegance, bestowing an aesthetically pleasing result.
  • Downturned Eyes: To bestow a lift to the corners of downturned eyes, lash artists orchestrate a mesmerizing duet of CC Curl lashes on 75% of the eyelid and D Curl on the remaining length. This meticulous technique orchestrates a symphony of captivating beauty.
  • Prominent Eyes (Protruding Eyes): Prominent eyes bask in the splendid glory, as these lashes accentuate the eyes' innate prominence, weaving an enchanting tale of allure.
  • Monolids: Precision and artistry unite to grace monolids with the stunning allure, elevating their beauty and enchantment.

Best Lash Extensions for Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes present a unique challenge when applying eyelash extensions, as there is an additional skin layer on the crease of the eyelids. To achieve a flawless look, lash artists should select extensions that give the illusion of depth to the eyes. The following curls are particularly suitable for those eyes: L or M Curls Curls such as L or M curls have a flat base with a lovely curl in the mid and the tip of the extension. This design allows the extension to fit flat against the natural lash, ensuring a strong attachment and increased comfort for the client. The straight base also creates a better surface for the lash extension to sit on and blend with the natural eyelashes, providing a seamless and comfortable result. C curl Besides, C curl lashes also offer a more natural and subtle curve that complements the unique shape of hooded eyes. With a gentle lift and a soft curl, that lash curl beautifully open up the eyes without overwhelming the hooded eyelids. The flat base of C curl lashes ensures a seamless fit against the natural lashes, providing a strong attachment and enhanced comfort for the client. This design allows the extensions to blend effortlessly with the natural eyelashes, creating a flawless and comfortable result that enhances the allure of droopy eyes.

Last Thoughts!

So, there you have it! Choosing the right eyelash extensions for different eye shapes is the key to creating that jaw-dropping lash look. Understanding each eye shape and picking the perfect curl and length will make your eyes dazzle. D Curl lashes are awesome for that dramatic vibe with downward-angled lashes, while heavy-lidded eyes rock the L, M or C curls like a charm. Now you're all set to wow the world with those gorgeous eyes! DISCOVER OUR WORLD OF LASHES!

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