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Why can Lavislash produce various types of fans from the lowest volume to high fan volumes?

by Quan Nguyen

How many types of volume fans? 

Many people are still curious about how high the maximum volume of fans that humans can create is. What types of high-volume fans are used for. Along with the techniques involved in applying them. In essence, there are various types of volume fans, ranging from the lowest to the highest, depending on the intended use and the production capacity of individuals or businesses. 


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Lavislash production facility now has the capability to manufacture various types of promade fans, ranging from 3D to as high as 24D. However, at the moment, Lavislash Store is selling fans ranging from 3D to a maximum of 16D for certain lash types. If any customer wishes to purchase special high-volume fans in large quantities --- THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU

How to create high-volume fans

For professional lash technicians, high-volume fans are often created manually. Commonly, they known as handmade. Lash technicians meticulously craft each fan individually and then apply them to the client's eyelashes. With this technique, the fans will not be identical, achieving a unique look for each client. This individuality in each fan adds a distinct touch. Fulfilling the desire for a personalized and differentiated lash appearance that clients often seek.

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Some other businesses opt for the technique of creating fans entirely through machines and technology, commonly referred to as premade lash fans. With this manufacturing method, the fans produced will be nearly identical, ensuring uniformity among the lash strands. Additionally, the cost of this type of lash is often considerably lower compared to handmade fans.

Understanding these concerns, Lavislash has addressed the demand by producing a large quantity of volume fans through the handcrafting method performed by skilled workers, also known as promade fans. Fans created through this approach ensure uniqueness for each fan, providing a special touch. This not only saves time for lash artists "cut down a thirds of application time". You don't need to create fans individually but also allows them to save money by purchasing large quantities of fans to stock their inventory "pocket up to $8 per box in savings!"

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 So, now you have learned more about the various types of volume fans. Read on and make your choices to become a savvy consumer.

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