CLIENT MATTER: Why are my clients losing more lashes on 1 side?

by Mia T
Hey there, fabulous lash artist! We know you're all about giving your clients those stunning lashes they dream of. But you might have come across a tricky situation – customers noticing that one side of their lashes sheds more than the other. Don't worry, you're not alone in this puzzle-solving journey. Let's dive into this article where we'll unravel the reasons behind this and shed light on how to deal with uneven lash shedding. SEE MORE: Client Matter: Polite Lash Client Firing Tips

Sudden Loss of Lash Extensions

It's a bummer when your guests see their lash extensions falling off just after a day. But hey, no need to panic! Unexpected lash loss is a thing that happens to many. Reasons include the natural cycle of lash growth, individual sensitivities, and how they care for their lashes afterward. Teach your clients about the initial shedding phase – it's normal and part of the lash extension process.

Educating Lash Clients

Losing lash extensions is a natural process that everyone experiences. But when one side seems to be waving goodbye more than the other, it's time to investigate. The culprit could be sleeping positions, habits, or even hidden health issues. As a lash artist, get chatty with your clients about their lifestyle and habits to figure out what might be causing this uneven lash loss. SEE MORE: Client Matter: The art of educating lash clients

The Mystery of Uneven Lashes

Uneven lashes can be due to all sorts of reasons, from how they snooze to what they do daily. Sleeping mostly on one side? Yep, that can lead to uneven shedding. Plus, if they're rough with their face or don't take care of their lashes, that can play a part too. Give them personalized tips on how to care for their lashes based on their habits. That way, they can keep those lashes looking balanced.

The Day After Lash Shedding Surprise

Ever had customers freaking out because their lashes are saying bye-bye the day after extensions? It's like, "What's happening?!" But relax, it's totally normal. Just make sure your clients know what's up – guide them on gentle cleaning, avoiding water contact, and no poking or rubbing. Explaining the initial shedding process helps them chill and not stress about uneven lash loss.

Lash Loss with Extensions – What's Normal?

People getting eyelash extension often wonder how many lashes they're supposed to lose with extensions. On average, it's cool to say bye to 1 to 5 natural lashes a day. When rocking extensions, they might notice more lash loss because of the extension weight and the natural growth cycle. Remind them this is part of the deal. With proper care and regular touch-ups, they can keep those lashes looking lush and even.

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Wrapping It Up!

In the world of lash extensions, understanding how lashes do their thing is a big deal. Tiny variations in lash retention are okay, but sorting out uneven lash loss can make things even better. Keep the natural lash cycle, personalized care, and quality products in mind to keep uneven shedding at bay. So, the next time a client goes, "Why are my lashes acting up?" you've got the knowledge and solutions to show you're a lash superstar. DISCOVER OUR WORLD OF LASHES!

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