TOP 5 Reasons to Pick Promade Lash Fans made by LavisLash

TOP 5 Reasons to Pick Promade Lash Fans made by LavisLash

by Mai Trinh

It's 2023 now and are you still handcrafting lash fans? Spending lots of time carefully creating custom fans, one at a time, based on what each client wants? Oh no, don't miss out on promade lash fans!

They're a game-changer for today's lash artists, and LavisLash is really proud to have quality products that can boost your skills in the lash game. Will you give our suggestion a try?

Trust and Support

LavisLash isn't just a brand; we are the manufacturer - a trusty partner for lash artists worldwide. Besides amazing products, we offer fantastic customer support and loads of educational resources.


So, when you go with LavisLash, you're not just getting the best products; you're also gaining access to a world of knowledge and guidance to help you be the best lash artist you can be.

Outstanding Quality

At LavisLash, we're all about giving you the best. Our ready-made lash fans are made with top-quality stuff, so they keep their shape and stay strong when you're putting them on lashes.

These fans make your lash job a breeze, and your clients really love it. They're always the same length, curl, and thickness, and you can take them off without any trouble. Easy peasy!

These fans totally change the game for lash extensions! This means you can trust LavisLash to give you consistently fantastic results every time.

Time-Saving Magic

Imagine saving heaps of time during your lash appointments! Lash artists are often on a tight schedule, serving multiple clients a day. Time-saving solutions are invaluable in such a scenario.

Our promade lash fans are like a time-saving secret weapon. They're ready to use, so you don't have to spend precious minutes manually creating fans. This means you can serve more clients, have a smoother day, and everyone's happier.

Perfectly Consistent Look

Achieving a flawless lash look is all about consistency. LavisLash's promade fans are the masters of uniformity.

We make sure every lash extension has the same curl, thickness, and length, which is a game-changer for creating a stunning, symmetrical lash set. Your clients will love the perfect results.

Choices Galore

We offers an exciting variety of promade lash fans. It's like having a whole menu of lash options!

Whether your client wants a natural look or something more dramatic, LavisLash has the perfect fan for the job. With different curls, lengths, and thicknesses to choose from, you're ready to create any style your clients dream of.



LavisLash's promade lash fans are like a ticket to a more fabulous lash world. With their incredible quality, time-saving magic, perfect consistency, a range of choices, and the support of a trusted brand, there's every reason to choose LavisLash. Elevate your lash game and make both yourself and your clients happier with the beauty and convenience that LavisLash fans bring to your studio!

As you get better at your lash skill, don't forget that LavisLash is HERE to support you beyond just selling products. We promise to give you free shipping and a guarantee for returns. We also care about animals and promise that our products are made without harming them. This shows how much we want to help you with your dream of being a lash artist.

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