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Speed Up Your Lash Magic on Volume Sets with the LavisLash Time-Saver Trick

by Mia T
If you're a lash artist, you know that creating beautiful volume sets takes time. In the world of eyelash art, time is gold. But what if there's a trick that can help you work faster, create amazing looks, and boost your business? In this blog post, we're sharing an awesome trick from LavisLash that will change how you do volume lash extensions. Get ready to save time, create stunning lashes, and grow your lash business. SEE MORE: What are Volume Eyelash Extensions?

The Smart Trick: LavisLash's Faster Way

Let's think about the usual way people make those pretty volume lash groups. Normally, they take a lot of time carefully making each group by hand. But now, we're here to show you the trick - a simple and smart way to make those groups faster and still look great. Imagine a quicker way that doesn't compromise how good they look. SEE MORE: 10 Expert Tips for Faster Volume Set Completion

How the LavisLash Trick Works: Step by Step

  • Get Your Stuff Ready: To start, gather all your things. You'll need lash extensions, glue, and special tools that are really good for this trick.
  • Making the Magic Fans: Now comes the fun part. Lavis has tools that help you make a bunch of perfect lash fans together. No need to struggle with shaping each fan one by one anymore!
  • Putting Them On: Once you've made your fans, put them on your client's natural lashes just like you always do. Tricks don't change how you usually do it – it just makes it faster.

Why you need to complete your Volume Set faster?

  • Faster Work: Since making fans is quicker, you can see more clients in a day, which means more money.
  • Always Awesome: The trick makes sure every fan looks amazing, so your lash sets are always fantastic.
  • Clients Love It: Your clients will love how fast you work, making their lash appointments easier.
  • Time for Growth: With more time on your hands, you can improve your skills, market yourself better, and grow your lash business.
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Boost Your Lash Game with LavisLash

Running a busy lash studio means every moment counts. Our 7D Loose Promade Fans bring a revolutionary way to make your work smoother, letting you create amazing results with exceptional speed. In just 20 minutes of prep time, these fans are a huge help for lash artists aiming for perfection without the rush.

Introducing the 7D Loose Promade Fans

Crafted with precision and passion, LavisLash's 7D Loose Fans redefine what's possible in volume lash application. Boasting the thinnest base for smooth and seamless attachment, these fans are more than just tools – they're a testament to your artistry. Created using the highest quality Korean PBT, each fan embodies luxury and excellence.

Value and Impact Beyond Compare

Here's why you'll love 7D Loose Fans:
  • Plenty to Use: You get 500 Loose Promade Fans that are better in both quality and quantity compared to others.
  • Always Perfect: They're the same in length, curl, and thickness every time.
  • Top-Quality: Made with the best Korean PBT and expert craftsmanship.
  • Lasting Beauty: You can give your clients lash sets that stay beautiful for up to 6 weeks.
  • Expertly Crafted: Soft, dark, and fluffy fans with small bases for amazing results.
  • Smooth Blend: They're heat-bonded with a bit of glue for a natural look.
  • No Harm: Completely cruelty-free, matching your ethical standards.
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A Whole New Way to Do Lash Applications

Why pick 7D Loose Promade Fans? Because they do a lot more than just make applications quicker:
  • Fantastic Look: You can make lashes that are full and rich, leaving a lasting impression.
  • Time Efficiency: Make lash volume quickly without giving up quality – a sign of your expertise.
  • Pro Look: Create the wide fan with a short stem and thin base that everyone wants.
  • Be Efficient: Save time and work better, even when you're busy.
  • Find Balance: Efficient lash work can lead to a better work-life balance.

Last Thoughts!

Think about getting back more time in your lash studio. With 7D Loose Promade Fans, you're not just making things look great; you're also managing time well. With time-saving techniques, you'll work better, make room for more clients, and have a healthier work-life balance. Adding our product to your lash toolkit is like finding a shortcut to becoming a lash expert. You'll save time, create amazing lashes, and watch your lash business shine. Ready to give it a try? Check out LavisLash's tools and products designed to make your lash journey smoother and more awesome NOW. Get ready to level up your lash skills and make your clients say "wow" with every blink!

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