Getting Your Clients Ready for Their First Lash Appointment: A Short Guide In 3 Stages

by Mia T
Well, during clients' first lash appointment, they often have stressful feeling! They want to have a fantastic experience for the first time working with you. So, it's crucial to make a killer first impression both professionally and aesthetically! Here's our go-to guide on how to handle lash appointment etiquette and make your new clients feel comfortable before, during, and after their first appointment.

Notes Before Your Lash Appointment

We want our clients to be totally prepared and ready for their lash experience. As an artist, you want them to arrive all set, so you can make the most of your time and create fabulous lashes! Check out these tips:
  1. Shoot your client a text or share the graphic below in advance to let them know about your lash appointment policies.
  2. Give a heads-up: no caffeine right before the appointment.
  3. Wearing a mask is essential thing for both lash tech and clients because of safety first!
  4. Dress comfortably, and suggest your clients bring a jacket. We don't want anyone catching a chill!
  5. Fresh face, please! Kindly ask your clients to come with a clean face, sans any eye makeup.
  6. Time is precious, so stress the importance of being punctual. Let them know that every minute counts for lashing goodness!
  7. Get them inspired! Encourage clients to share an inspo pic in advance or bring one to the appointment. And hey, if they need more ideas, your Instagram is the place to be.
  8. It's not mandatory, but a quick consultation can work wonders. It helps ensure the client is totally ready and raring to go!

young woman going through lash appointment

During The Appointment

Communication is the name of the game during a client's first lash appointment. Keep the conversation flowing and guide them through each step. Here's the lowdown: Step One: Cleansing Let your clients know what you're up to. Get them comfy lying down, then take it step by step, explaining as you go. For instance, say something like, "To start, I'll give the area a nice cleanse. So, close those beautiful eyes, and I'll gently clean your lashes." Step Two: Under Eye Pads and Taping Tell your clients that you're applying under eye pads and tape to protect their bottom lashes. Explaining why you're doing things can be a calming touch. Give them the scoop, like this: "Now, I'm gonna pop on some under eye pads and tape. It's all about keeping those bottom lashes safe from the top ones and making sure no product touches your skin." Step Three: Mapping Review the desired style and outcome with your client beforehand. If you're mapping on the eye pad (like most lash artists), let them in on the secret. Make sure those eye pads are comfy, and then say something like, "Based on the look we're going for, I'm gonna mark a couple of spots on the eye pad real quick. It helps me work with different lengths, and trust me, you're gonna rock this!" Finally, Step Four: Lashing! At this point, remind your client to keep those pretty peepers closed throughout the lash appointment. Let them know it's a chill and relaxing experience, and if anything feels off, they should speak up so you can adjust. Here's a friendly reminder: "Alright, we're getting started. Eyes closed, relax, and speak up if anything feels off. I'm here to keep you comfy and happy!". LavisLash- eyelash extensions- Lash-Lash artist- Lash tech- Apply lashes-LASH APPOINTMENT

After The Appointment

Helping your clients maintain their lash extensions is crucial for long-lasting results. Here's a guide to share with lash techs:
  1. Provide an aftercare kit: Ensure clients have an aftercare kit containing instructions they can refer to.
  2. Say no to oils: Advise clients to avoid oil-based products as they can weaken the lash adhesive.
  3. Keep lashes dry: Instruct clients to refrain from exposing their lashes to water for at least four hours after the lash appointment.
  4. Avoid steam rooms and saunas: Heat and excessive moisture can impact lash retention, so clients should steer clear of these environments.
  5. Emphasize regular cleansing: Encourage clients to gently clean their lashes 1-2 times a day to prevent the buildup of oils, debris, or makeup.
  6. Discourage picking and pulling: Educate clients on the importance of not touching or tugging at their lash extensions. If any discomfort, itching, or pain occurs, advise them to reach out for assistance.
  7. Shedding is normal: Explain to clients that losing 2-5 natural lashes per day is a natural part of the lash cycle, easing any concerns about occasional shedding.
  8. Explain fill appointments: Inform clients about the purpose and timing of fill appointments. Clearly communicate your infill policy to new clients.
  9. Encourage regular fills: Emphasize the benefits of booking fill appointments within 2-3 weeks to maintain the beauty and fullness of their lash extensions.
By following these guidelines, lash techs can ensure their clients' satisfaction and help them enjoy beautiful lashes for an extended period. SEE MORE IN OTHER TOPICS DISCOVER OUR WORLD OF LASHES!

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