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LavisLash Guide: Get the Trendy Fall 2023 Latte Makeup Look with Natural Classic Lashes

by Mia T
As the leaves turn colors and the air gets cooler, Fall 2023 brings us the amazing trend of Latte Makeup. In the world of beauty, trends change all the time. But there's something really special about makeup that fits perfectly with a certain season. This style is inspired by the warm colors of latte coffee and aims to make us look naturally elegant and cozy. LavisLash has a small tip for you: use natural classic lash extensions to make your eyes impress with their gentle beauty, perfectly complementing your overall makeup look. Let's explore Latte Makeup, learn how to do it, and find out about the fantastic LavisLash lash extension supplies that can help you get the look.

Understanding Latte Makeup

Latte Look takes its name from the famous latte coffee beverage. Latte is a type of coffee originating from Italy, with a rich, sweet flavor created from the combination of espresso and milk. Latte Makeup is more than just a makeup trend. It's like experiencing a latte coffee but with our eyes! Drawing inspiration from the ingredients that make up this beloved coffee—caramel, milk, and chocolate—the Latte Makeup trend embraces a color palette of blacks, whites, and browns. These colors are like cream, beige, and light brown, with some touches of orange or bronze to make it modern. "Latte makeup" has quickly taken over TikTok with irresistible appeal. When Hailey Bieber shares her photos with this look on social media, it once again sparks a global beauty trend. Simple, unpretentious, perhaps - that's why this look is highly favored.

LavisLash's Guide

The main thing about Latte Makeup is keeping it simple and real. The goal is to look fresh and natural, just like the fall season. Start with a light foundation or BB cream to make your skin look nice and breathe well. But the real magic happens with your eyes. Put on some mascara to make your lashes thicker and use a soft eyeliner to make your eyes pop. Some people might choose nude or light orange lip colors, but you can also try different eye and lip shades to show your personality.

A Step-by-step Guide

  • Prepare Your Skin: Start with a clean and moisturized face. Apply a lightweight, hydrating primer to create a smooth canvas for your makeup.
  • Complexion:
    • Apply a matching light to medium foundation and blend for an even base.
    • Conceal blemishes with creamy concealer, blending seamlessly.
    • Set with translucent powder to prevent shine.
  • Eyes:
    • Use eyeshadow primer to keep eyeshadow in place.
    • Apply warm matte eyeshadow all over lids and blend.
    • Add a deeper matte shade to outer corners in a V shape, blending.
    • Apply shimmery champagne/gold shadow to center of lids and inner corners.
    • Line upper lash line with brown eyeliner for softness.
    • Optional: Add eyeliner to lower lash line.
    • Curl lashes and apply mascara.
  • Cheeks:
    • Apply warm bronzer to cheeks, hairline, and jawline for definition.
    • Add peachy or rosy blush to apples, blend towards temples.
    • Highlight cheekbones, bridge of nose, and cupid's bow with luminous highlighter.
  • Lips: Choose a nude lipstick or lip gloss with warm undertones that complements your skin tone. This will enhance the overall neutral and natural look of the Latte look.
  • Finish: Set your makeup with a setting spray to ensure it lasts throughout the day and to create a seamless finish.

Enhancing Elegance with Natural Classic Lashes

When it comes to Latte Makeup, your eye makeup is super important. You don't need a specific eye shape for this trend, so you can do it how you like. But to make everything look nice together, try using a brown eyeliner pencil and eyeshadow in brown, copper, or golden-brown colors. When you put on the eyeliner, make sure to smudge it a bit. This makes a cool soft effect. The area around your eyes should have a smoky look, with a darker color on the outer corner of your eye. To make your eyes look big and shiny, add a little bit of shiny stuff on your eyelid and the corner of your eye. Since the eyeshadow is already kind of thick, the best lashes for this look are the natural classic kind. These lashes are put on one by one, and they give your eyes a nice natural style. By choosing natural classic lashes, you ensure that your eye makeup stays in harmony with the gentle and elegant tones of the trend. These eyelash extensions allow for customization, harmonize with the color palette, and beautifully enhance the eyes while maintaining the trend's cozy and inviting aesthetic.

Introducing LavisLash Product

This is where LavisLash comes in, with our high-quality lash extension supplies, especially our Lash Tray. These lashes are great for both beginners and experts. They let you make your lashes look fuller and customized for each person. Made from premium Korean PBT, these lashes boast exceptional quality that translates into breathtaking results. The Easy Lashes consist of 16 strips of comfortable and natural-looking individual easy-fanning volume lashes, available in a range of 0.07 C curl 816mm options. This not only significantly reduces the time and effort required but also guarantees long-lasting beauty. For those who prefer a thicker version or diverse curvature and length (0.15mm C/D/DD 816mm), Lavis caters to your needs. The result? A more durable easy lash that delivers up to 6 weeks of retention! One of the standout features of Lash Tray is its user-friendly design. Whether you're a seasoned lash artist or new to the world of lash extensions, these lashes make the process easy and efficient. Moreover, as the seasons change, you want your Latte Makeup look to endure throughout the day and evening. Lavis Lash Tray ensures longevity with its exceptional retention capabilities. Whether you're going about your daily activities or attending special occasions, these lashes remain in place, maintaining their exquisite appearance and contributing to the overall charm of your Latte look.

Last Thoughts!

Latte Makeup is not just a trend—it's a mix of warmth, beauty, and flexibility. When you do this makeup, think about warm colors like brown, beige, cream, and orange for your clothes. You can wear dresses in these colors, paired with brown shoes or boots. Add some gold jewelry or natural wood accessories to complete your look. To stay stylish, you need to follow trends. Make your Latte Makeup even better with our Lash Tray. You can order them easily and get them delivered to your door. We even have a guarantee. To get the latest trends and special deals, follow us on Instagram and like our Facebook fan page, LavisLash US. Start your journey to a new and better beauty experience today!

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