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Mastering Eyelash Map Styles for All Age

by Mia T
Being a lash artist means you need to understand the skill of eyelash map. Lash mapping involves planning where to place lash extensions to give your clients the look they want. It doesn't matter if your clients are young or older; knowing different lash mapping styles helps you create fantastic lash looks that match their unique features and preferences. In this blog post, we're going to explore the world of eyelash map for both young and older clients, and we'll keep in mind the unique things we need to think about for each group. So, let's get started!

Eyelash Map Styles for Young Clients

When you work with young clients, you usually aim for a fresh and natural look that enhances their beauty without making it too dramatic. Here are some styles that work well for them:
  1. Natural and Wispy: Younger clients often prefer a look that's natural and wispy. It means their lashes look longer and fluttery, giving a soft and gentle effect.
  2. Cat Eye or Doll Eye: If they want something playful and dramatic, the cat eye or doll eye style is popular among young clients. This technique elongates the outer corner lashes, making their eyes look bigger and more captivating.
  3. Volume and Dramatic: Some young clients like a bold and dramatic look that makes their eyes stand out. To achieve this, you can use volume eyelash map, which adds volume to their lashes and creates a glamorous appearance.
Young clients often lean towards popular lash extension styles like the anime/manga look or the trendy wispy style made famous by Kim Kardashian. However, these are essentially enhanced versions of classic lash styles such as volume or wispy. If the artist excels in the basic styles, we believe they can handle orders from clients of all ages. The important thing to remember is choosing the right style that complements the client's eye shape. SEE MORE: Keys to Achieve Trendy Kim K lash style Considerations for Young Clients: When dealing with young clients, it's crucial to consider several factors. First and foremost, the emphasis should be on creating long and voluminous lashes, as this is often a preferred style among them. Additionally, it's essential to tailor lash styles to meet each client's individual desires and needs. Keep in mind that young clients can have diverse preferences, ranging from desiring a subtle and natural appearance to opting for a more dramatic and striking look. Therefore, versatility and customization play key roles in providing the best service to this demographic. SEE MORE: Why D Curl Lashes Don't Shine on Hooded Eyes: Reveal Now

Eyelash Map Styles for Adult Clients

When you're working with older clients, you need to consider their specific features and any issues related to aging eyes. Here's what you should keep in mind:
  1. Classic Lash Extensions and Sparse Lashes: Classic lashes, which are usually longer (16-25mm), can give a fuller look. However, you need to be careful if the client has brittle and sparse natural lashes because classic lashes might create gaps.
  2. Mega Volume Lashes and Brittle Lashes: Mega volume lashes can look dramatic and voluminous, but they might not work well on brittle lashes. Using mega volume lashes on such lashes can affect how they look and even harm their natural lashes.
  3. Optimal Lengths for Mature Clients: When deciding how long the lashes should be for older clients, go for a natural and subtle look. Most mature clients prefer lash extensions that resemble the effect of wearing mascara, not something overly intense. Avoid using lashes longer than 11mm; it's best to stay within the 10/11mm range for a natural outcome.
SEE MORE: Tips for Optimal Eyelash Extension Length Selection Considerations for Mature Clients: When working with mature clients, it's essential to keep several considerations in mind. Aim for a "doll effect" or a rounded kitten look that can accentuate their eyes without making them appear droopy. Avoid techniques that may cause damage or sagging. For a subtle touch of color, consider using brown lashes, and choosing volume lashes to achieve a soft and fuller lash appearance. Clear glue is an excellent choice for a natural look. Always consult with your clients to fully grasp their preferences and address any concerns they may have. Prioritize the health of their natural lashes and work towards resolving any existing issues for a satisfying and age-appropriate lash enhancement experience. SEE MORE: Eyelash Extensions for Hooded Eyes: Enhancing Your Natural Beauty

Last Thoughts!

Eyelash map is a versatile skill that allows lash artists to create fantastic styles for clients of all ages. By understanding the specific needs of young and older clients, you can adapt your eyelash map techniques to enhance their natural beauty, create age-appropriate looks, and address any individual concerns they may have. Communicating effectively with your clients ensures that their wishes are met, and your expertise results in stunning lash looks. Remember, when it comes to lash extensions, LavisLash is your ticket to excellence. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us through THIS email or drop us a message on our social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook Page. Happy lashing to all our friends, and may your lash maps lead you to success!

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