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LavisLash's Top 10 Picked 10D Lash Extension Products (Part 1)

by Mia T
In this two-part series, we're going on a journey to discover LavisLash's favorite 10D lash extension products. These products have been chosen with great care because they meet very high standards for quality and how well they work. Whether you're an experienced lash artist or just starting out, these articles are here to give you valuable information about 10D lashes. In Part 1, we'll introduce you to the first five remarkable brands that have been making waves in the lash industry. From innovative designs to top-quality materials, these brands are changing the game for lash artists and clients alike. Get ready to explore the world of 10D lashes, where volume, style, and artistry reach new heights.

LashBox LA - 10D LBLA Superfans

LBLA Superfans are the ultimate solution for lash artists of all levels. These 10D Volume 0.03 lashes with perfectly slim bases are here to transform your lash artistry. LashBox LA is renowned for its innovative volume options, and Superfans are no exception. Designed to be the most beautiful and consistent fans, they have tiny, pointed bases that avoid the artificial "pre-made" look. Perfect for lash artists looking to offer express sets or as backup in emergencies. Superfans are available in single length and mixed length trays, making them a versatile choice for every artist. Plus, they're cruelty-free, ensuring quality without compromise.

Paris Lash Academy - 10D Mix Express Fans

PLA Express Fans offer a unique advantage with double the amount of ProMades in their XL Tray. Perfect for lash artists at all stages, these 10D ProMade Fans are 100% hand-made from top-quality Korean PBT. Featuring seven lengths per box and a choice of CC or D curl, these fans are soft, black, and flexible, creating a natural lash look. They're especially ideal for new lash artists seeking efficiency. With minimal adhesive usage, PLA Express Fans ensure the best bonding results and are 100% vegan, adhering to high ethical standards.

ThousandLashes - 10D Organized Pro-Made Fans

ThousandLashes presents a game-changer for lash techs: 10D Organized Pro-Made Volume Fans 0.05. These fans come pre-pinched with fine, sharp bases, ready for immediate use. They offer the perfect blend of pre-made and pro-made lashes, providing a convenient solution for lash artists who desire both organization and perfection. Each box contains 1000 fans, delivering a light volume look with C and D curls. The material used is faux pro-silk, offering a soft, velvet matte black finish.

Lash Bae - 10D Premade Volume and Mega Volume Fans

Lash Bae redefines pre-made fans with their handmade, high-quality options. These fans are a savior in various scenarios, including when time is limited, you're new to fan-making, or you need to mix with hand-made fans. Available in two options: Volume Fans (4D 0.07mm diameter) and Mega Volume (10D 0.05mm diameter), Lash Bae's fans offer versatility and convenience. Each tray contains 120 fans, and they come in single length trays (7mm-15mm) or mixed trays (9-14mm), catering to diverse client preferences.

LavisLash - 10D Narrow Ultra-Speed Promade Fans

We saved the best for last! LavisLash presents its Ultra-Speed Promade Fans, designed to lash-ify your business. These fans provide even coverage, featuring the thinnest bases for a smooth application. When we say thin, we mean ultra-thin. These bases are meticulously designed to ensure a smooth and seamless lash application. Handcrafted with care, LavisLash Promade Fans are made from the highest quality Korean PBT, ensuring silkier feeling lashes with a light glue bonding at the base. Achieve stunningly full lash coverage with darker fans that create full volume quickly. LavisLash offers free shipping on orders over $170, and their package arrives at your doorstep within 3-5 business days. To make you feel even more sure about their product, LavisLash provides a 100% return guarantee. If something doesn't go as planned, they'll send you a replacement without any extra cost or fees. This is a type of assurance that every lash artist can feel good about.

To be Continued!

In this detailed comparison of 10D lash extension products, LavisLash looked closely at what makes each brand special. Whether you've been doing lashes for a long time or you're just getting started, these brands have a variety of choices that can fit what you're looking for. Keep an eye out for more information and updates about lashes from LavisLash, and enjoy your lash work! Stay tuned for Part 2, where we'll show you the other five brands and help you compare all ten 10D lash extension products in detail! Happy lashing, our friend! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us through THIS email or drop us a message on our social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook Page.

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