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LavisLash's Promade Loose Fan: Elevating Your Lash Experience

by Mia T
Lavis proudly presents the ultimate solution for achieving stunning lash volume – our Promade Loose Fan. Elevate your lash game with our meticulously crafted lash extensions that are designed to provide an unmatched lash experience. Lavis is your trusted destination for premium-quality lash products, and our Promade Fans are no exception.

Let's Discover Lavis Promade Loose Fans!

Lavis' Fans are your ticket to eyelash extension perfection. Each fan is created by skilled experts and is made using the finest materials from Korea. These fans are designed to give you beautiful volume while being incredibly easy to work with.

Unbeatable Value

When it comes to value, Lavis delivers big time. Each box of Promade Fans contains a whopping 500 fans. What's special about these fans is that they all have the same length, curl, and thickness, ensuring a consistent and uniform look every time. We believe in using only the best materials, which is why our fans are made with top-quality Korean PBT and a light adhesive at the base.

What Makes LavisLash Different

Lavis Promade Fans are in a league of their own. They're soft, ultra-dark, and incredibly fluffy. What's more, they have tiny bases that make them super easy to apply. Our special technique bonds the fans together with minimal glue, making them last longer and giving you that picture-perfect look. And yes, you can trust that our products are 100% cruelty-free.

Why Choose LavisLash Promade Loose Fans?

  • Get ready for lashes that are beautifully full and dark – a true head-turner.
  • Say goodbye to long hours – these fans help you achieve full volume in no time.
  • Want that wide-fan, short-stem look? Our fans give you just that, thanks to their thin base.
  • Spend $170 or more and enjoy free shipping.
  • Your order will be at your doorstep in just 3-5 business days.
  • We're so confident in the quality of our Promade Lashes that we offer a 100% Return Guarantee. If you encounter any issues, we'll replace them at no cost or return fee.

A Simple Guide to Using LavisLash Promade Loose Fans

First of all, of course you need to prepare your workspace before you begin. Keep your tools within reach for a seamless experience, allowing you to create flawless extensions. Invest in top-notch precision tweezers that offer excellent grip and control, ensuring precise lash placement. To achieve lasting results and happy clients, choose a strong adhesive that guarantees excellent retention. Consider lash glue rings or a lash glue stone for easy adhesive access, preventing any mishaps. Don't forget disposable brush wands to maintain a hygienic environment while brushing and separating natural lashes. Embrace Lavis for premium results, or explore products to suit your needs. Get set for stunning lash transformations! Then, because our Loose Promade Fans are designed to simplify the lash applying process while achieving stunning results, SO follow these simple steps to make the most out of these fan favorites:
  1. Pick Up and Position: Carefully pick up the loose fans and position them on a tile or silicone pad. This makes them easily accessible during the application process, allowing you to focus on creating the perfect look.
  2. Dip and Place: One by one, take each fan and dip it in adhesive. Then, with precision, position the fan on the natural lash. The super-thin base ensures seamless blending for a seamless and fuller appearance.
  3. Attach for Optimal Results: For best results, consider attaching the fan either at the base or to the side of the natural lash. This technique not only enhances volume but also ensures a comfortable and natural look for your clients.

Final Thoughts

Elevate your lash game with Lavis Loose Fans. Discover the joy of gorgeous lashes that are easy to apply and look absolutely stunning. With our commitment to quality and excellence, Lavis ensures that your investment is worth every penny. Embrace the power of beautiful lash extensions with our Promade Fans – your shortcut to captivating eyes. Ready to Transform Your Lashes? Start Shopping LavisLash Promade Loose Fans Today!

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