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Various eyelash extension styles with high volume fans

by Quan Nguyen

What is high volume fans?

If you're curious about what a volume fan entails, let us clarify. While an individual lash extension refers to a single false eyelash applied to an isolated natural lash using adhesive, a volume fan consists of multiple lash extensions joined together at the base. The application process mirrors that of individual one-on-one lash extensions. These fans can be manually crafted through various techniques or obtained pre-made.

promade fans-volume fans-lavislash

10D Promade Volume Fan

Lavislash volume fans, in particular, are a type of pre-made fans with pointy bases, narrow fans and black color for achieve stunningly full lash coverage with darker fans  and a natural look, making it easy to apply on the client's lashes.

promade fans-volume fans-lavislash


promade fans-super volume fans-volume lashes-lavislash


How to make high volume fans?

 Our Promade Fans are lovingly crafted by talented artisans. Promade fans are hand-crafted fans that are heat-bonded to the base. They are created to mimic handmade fan techniques, with each and every fan being as unique as you!

High volume lashes is high capacity fans that define a full, distinctive look and sophistication.

Lash styles

  • Mega Volume Lashes

promade fans-mega volume-volume fans-lavislash

  • Cat Eye Volume Lashes

volume cat eye-promade fans-volume fans-lavislash

  • Wispy Lashes

 promade fans-wispy lashes-volume fans-lavislash


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