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Keep Your LavisLash Extensions Safe and Beautiful: Easy Tips to Follow

by Mia T
You adore your lash extensions and have invested in them, so why not look after them properly? At LavisLash, we've learned a lot from helping our clients with their lash needs. We want to share some tips on how to avoid common problems and accidents that can affect your lash extensions. Let's explore how to keep your lash line safe and maintain those gorgeous lashes you love!

Common Issues and Solutions

Don't let accidents harm your lash extensions. Here's how to tackle some typical problems:
  1. Avoid Heat Dangers: Whether you're handling a hot oven, lighting up a grill, or encountering heat sources, it's vital to be aware of how they can affect your lash extensions. Heat and fumes have the potential to cause harm to both your natural lashes and extensions. Excessive heat can weaken the adhesive bonding your extensions and even lead to the burning or singeing of lash and brow hairs. Safeguarding your lashes from these dangers is crucial for their longevity and overall health.To prevent burned lashes caused by grill mishaps or exposure to flames, exercise caution and consider these precautions:
    1. Allow intervals between grill attempts to prevent gas and heat buildup.
    2. When dealing with a hot oven, open it gradually to avoid a sudden burst of heat on your lashes.
    3. When using a hairdryer, opt for cooler settings and use a nozzle to control airflow. Flipping your head upside down can prevent direct heat exposure to your lashes.
    After being around heat or fumes, make sure to cleanse your extensions thoroughly. Debris brought by heat could settle on your lashes, affecting the adhesive's effectiveness. A quick cleanse can go a long way in maintaining your lash extensions' health.
  2. No Tugging: The comfort and natural feel of lash extensions might make you forget you're wearing them. However, it's important to remember that your lashes experience daily wear and tear. Actions like rubbing your eyes with extensions or rolling in your sleep can lead to lash mishaps. Prevent such incidents by following these recommendations:
    1. Avoid rubbing directly along your lash line, regardless of the situation.
    2. If you're in an environment with allergens or debris, wearing glasses serves as a reminder to avoid touching your eyes.
    3. Our 3D Contoured Sleep Mask is ideal for nighttime protection, ensuring your lashes remain undisturbed during sleep.
  3. Handle Moisture Right: Water and lash extensions can coexist harmoniously, but neglecting to cleanse your lashes after water exposure, swimming, sweating, or humidity can weaken the adhesive. After cleansing, gently pat your lashes dry using a lint-free cloth. Using the right cloth is crucial to prevent any damage to your delicate lash extensions.

Why Lash Extension Care Matters

While lash extensions naturally shed and grow with your real lashes, consistent care between lash fill appointments is key. Proper care maintains your extensions' stunning appearance, prevents premature detachment, and preserves the adhesive's grip. Neglecting care can lead to lash fallout and a less-than-desirable lash line.

Prioritize Safety for Your Lash Extensions

Mistakes can happen, and even a minor accident can cause extensions to fall prematurely. Regular lash fill appointments, recommended every two weeks, act as a defense mechanism against such occurrences. Lash fills ensure your lash line stays alluring and give your stylist the chance to address any extensions that have grown out. This process also allows you to connect with your stylist and receive expert advice on additional ways to protect your cherished lash line.

Last Thoughts!

Your beautiful lash extensions deserve care and attention. At LavisLash, we're here to help you keep your lashes safe and stunning. By following these simple tips, you can ensure the longevity and beauty of your lash extensions. Taking care of your lash line is an ongoing journey, and by making it a priority, you'll enjoy lashes that are a true asset to your beauty. DISCOVER OUR WORLD OF LASHES!

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