How Amazon Cares: Making Shipping Better for Us and the Planet

by Mia T
Amazon is doing something really cool to help us and the planet. They're working hard to change the way they pack and ship stuff, so it's better for everyone. This is a big deal because it's something that you might care about when you buy things from They want to use packaging that's easy to recycle and that won't harm the environment. Let's see how they're doing it!

Amazon's Eco-Friendly Packaging

When you order stuff from Amazon, you probably want it to come in packaging that's not too big and that won't harm the Earth. Well, this e-commerce platform wants the same thing. They're trying to use packaging that's just the right size, so there's not too much waste. They're also using materials that can be recycled easily, like paper and some types of plastic. They have smart people who are always thinking of ways to make things better for you and the planet. Most companies have been using the same materials for packing things for a long time – stuff like paper, plastic, and metal. Amazon is like other companies, but they're trying to be smarter about it. They're using different types of packaging, like boxes and bags, that are strong and light. Plastic is used too because it's light and doesn't use a lot of material. But there's a problem with plastic – it's not easy to recycle, especially the kind that's used only once. That can make a lot of waste over time. Amazon knows this, and they're trying to fix it. They want to use less plastic and make sure that the plastic they do use can be recycled. They're also trying to use less overall packaging. They've already made progress. They've made the packaging lighter by 38% in each shipment, which is like carrying 38% less weight. That's a big change! They've also saved more than 1.5 million tons of packaging material since 2015, even though they're shipping a lot more stuff now. Even when the pandemic made things crazy, this marketplace still worked on using less plastic. In 2021, they made the plastic packaging lighter by over 7%. That's like making a backpack 7% lighter – it might not sound like a lot, but it adds up when you do it a bunch of times. Amazon is also using their big brains to find ways to pack things better. They're using computers to figure out the right size for packages, so they're not too big or too small. They're also trying to use less paper in each package, so they're not wasting it. They have a program where they're using better packaging that's easy to open and can be recycled. They're even helping their partners use packaging that's good for the environment. But what about plastic? The Company A knows it's a big problem. They're trying to find new ways to use less plastic and use plastic that's easier to recycle. They've made some cool changes, like using paper packages instead of ones with plastic. They're also using less plastic in packages, and more of it is recycled. For example, they're using plastic bags that have 50% recycled material. This is a big deal because it means they're using less new plastic. Amazon is also working with other companies to fix the plastic problem. They're part of a group that's trying to come up with new ideas for plastic that's better for the planet. They're also sharing information with other people to help them come up with solutions too. So, what's the big idea? This company wants to make sure that when you get your stuff, it's safe and the packaging isn't hurting the Earth. They're using smarter packaging that's better for the environment. And even though it might not seem like a big deal, it really is. Packaging might not be as exciting as new gadgets, but it's a big part of helping our planet. Amazon wants you to know they're working on it and making things better, just for you and for all of us who care about the Earth. So, this is the reason...

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