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by Mia T
Welcome to the world of lash artistry, where precision meets beauty. As a lash artist, you are in the business of enhancing natural beauty, one lash at a time. However, success in this dynamic industry depends not only on your skill but also on your ability to navigate through the intricate web of choices, challenges, and opportunities.
In this comprehensive guide, LavisLash will explore the keys to success - avoiding scams and finding a reliable lash salon - while highlighting the essence of trust, quality, and professionalism that defines the world of lashes. We will talk about some angles of these problems from the viewpoints of both lash artists and lash clients.

How to Spot Scammers

As you begin your journey as a lash artist, it's important to safeguard yourself and your clients from dishonest practices. Just some tips to help you make wise decisions:

Checking Carefully

  • Reviews and feedback from clients can give you insights into a lash salon's reputation. Look for salons with a history of happy customers and positive comments.
  • For lash artists, there's something else important to keep in mind when clients schedule appointments online using platforms like Instagram or messaging apps such as iMessage, WhatsApp, or Snapchat. This is quite usual, especially with younger clients who are accustomed to handling most things online. However, it's also an ideal environment for potential scammers. This also applies when clients promise to transfer money to your bank account after the lash appointment. You should think about whether it's a good idea to establish a rule for first-time clients, like taking a deposit before confirming their appointment or only accepting cash payments, depending on the situation.
  • Equally essential is confirming the qualifications of the lash technician. A lash artist who is certified and licensed is more likely to offer high-quality service.
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Be Cautious of Extremely Low Prices

While it may be tempting to go for very cheap eyelash extensions, it's often a warning sign. Quality products and professional service typically come at a reasonable cost.
  • One thing to remember if you're a client looking to get eyelash extensions: Google is a very useful search tool, but not all the information posted here is 100% verified as the truth. Be cautious when scheduling appointments at lash salons by searching for keywords like "cheap eyelash extensions near me". Instead of solely relying on this salons' advertisements, it's better to read reviews from previous customers carefully and look for basic information about that salon through their social media, for example.
  • And if you're a new lash artist just starting out, buying supplies from individuals on social media platforms may seem too risky to try. We recommend that you should look for supplies from brands that have already established their reputation through social media and have a website as well as a dedicated customer service department (What are your thoughts on our LavisLash, by the way? Not to brag, but we're all about serious and high-quality lash business here. Just in case you hadn't heard!).
  • Before making any purchases, you should also do thorough research and compare the prices of products from different competitors in the market. Keep in mind that affordability should not mean compromising on quality. This is something we stress because we genuinely care about our customers and always aim to ensure your most satisfying shopping experience. LavisLash is here to assist you in getting the best!
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Don't Hesitate to Ask Questions

  • Effective communication is vital. Feel free to inquire about the products used, the lash application process, or post-care instructions. A genuine lash artist should be willing to provide clear information to clients and actively seek to learn new knowledge.
  • Professionals are eager to address your concerns and offer explanations regarding every aspect of the lash service.

What Is A Reliable Lash Salon?

A reliable lash salon benefits both lash artists and lash clients. A lash salon should have the reputation and quality of well-established stores while also keeping up with trends and catering to the diverse age groups of its clientele.

How to Set Up a Qualified Lash Salon?

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Determine your Style!

While I believe our modern lifestyle is quite liberal, you shouldn't play old TV shows like "Father Know Best" for young entertainment (unless your salon is themed around the 1950s-1960s with polka dots and pop art) or groove to Coachella-style music during a lash appointment for older clients, right? Because they aren't suitable and are likely to make clients uncomfortable (unless they're okay with it, then go ahead and rock it!). Likewise, many regular lash salons often go for a bright pink color theme and gentle, stylish interior designs, mainly catering to women's preferences. However, this choice of color has become quite common in beauty establishments and may not convey a sense of professionalism or uniqueness to customers looking for something more special. You can experiment with different colors and decorations to ensure that everyone feels welcomed, especially if your salon regularly serves male clients or the LGBTQ+ community. Define the style that aligns with your salon's identity, just as if you were creating a cozy café where customers would enjoy visiting. You can opt for vibrant and colorful themes, vintage styles, feminine aesthetics, or, if you're on a budget, a minimalist approach with neutral tones.

Lash Services

Typically, a salon doesn't limit itself to eyelash extensions alone. They also offer other services like shaping eyebrows, taking care of nails, doing henna art, or styling hair. If you're someone who does eyelash extensions, you can learn how to do these other things yourself, or you can ask friends who are experts in these areas to work with you. The salon owner's job is to make sure that all the services they provide are of good quality, so customers don't think they are just extras with lower quality. Within lash artist communities on social media, professionals share tips to enhance customer satisfaction, such as playing soothing music or offering snacks for free. Improving the lash bed's comfort by adding thin blankets and cushioned backrest can also leave a positive impression on customers. SEE MORE: 12 SECRETS FOR DELIGHTING YOUR LASH CLIENTS LIKE VIPS

Investing in Knowledge and Quality

Embrace the Trends Imagine being in the world of lash extensions like a trendy fashionista. Just like fashion styles change, lash styles do too. To be a better lash artist, it's like staying fashionable with the latest clothing trends. You want to know what's "in" and what's "out" in lash looks. This way, you can give your clients the freshest, most stylish lashes they desire. When you can offer the hottest lash styles, clients will adore you and keep coming back for that trendy lash magic. Quality Over Quantity Think of it like baking a delicious cake. You want the best ingredients and the right recipe to make it scrumptious. Let's set aside the price issue for a moment. Instead, let's focus on investing to create the best results, which are stunning lash sets for our clients. They'll love how their lashes look and feel, and that means they'll keep coming to you. Quality also means making sure everything is safe and healthy, just like baking a cake with the best ingredients. Your clients will trust you, especially when they know you use LavisLash's trusted supplies, and that's the secret ingredient to success in the lash world. Just as a top chef uses the finest ingredients, LavisLash offers lash artists premium-quality lash supplies. Using LavisLash's high-quality lash products and applying them skillfully makes your clients feel like they're in lash heaven. Moreover, because our packaging is very user-friendly and easy to use, and we always actively write instructions and tips for you to support newbie lash artists so that they can be less confused when starting their journey in the lash game. SEE MORE: Wholesale Lash Supplies for Newbie Lash Techs: Starting Your Own Lash Business with LavisLash

How to Pick a Reliable Lash Salon?

For readers as lash clients, we also have tips for you to be able to choose a trustworthy lash salon! Instead of just looking at reviews or comparing lash extension prices, here's some advice for picking the right lash salon:
  • Pay Attention: We recommend being observant of small signs that your lash artist might show. Listen to their tone of voice and how they treat you. These signs can tell you a great deal about how professional they are and how much they care about making you happy. It's the little details that matter, like how they speak and behave, which can give you insights into their understanding of and respect for their clients.
  • Stay Genuine: When you first call to make an appointment or when you're at the lash salon for your appointment or refill, you can ask them about their experience and how good they are at doing lashes, which should make you feel more confident about letting them work on your lashes. In reality, if lash extensions aren't done carefully, they can cause problems for your eyes. So, these small observations can actually make a big difference in making sure your lash experience is safe and satisfying.
  • Choosing a Convenient Location: Selecting a lash salon with a practical location is key to simplifying your lash journey. Picking a salon near your home or workplace is a smart move. This proximity offers you convenience and makes scheduling and attending appointments a breeze. It saves you valuable time and encourages you to stay committed to your lash maintenance routine, keeping your lashes consistently gorgeous and well-maintained.

Last Thoughts!

LavisLash is not just a supplier; we're your partner in the journey of lash artistry. Our products not only meet but exceed industry standards, giving you the confidence to excel in your career. At Lavis, we're all about making you happy. We take real care in how we pack your stuff and deal with customs stuff. We're here to make your experience the best it can be. Remember, when it comes to lash extensions, LavisLash is your ticket to excellence. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us through THIS email or drop us a message on our social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook Page. Happy lashing, our friends!

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