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Get Cozy this Fall with LavisLash 8D Promade Loose Fans!

by Mia T
Hey there, autumn lovers! As the leaves change color and the air gets cooler, it's the perfect time to dig out your coziest sweaters and enjoy the wonderful feeling of sweater weather. But guess what? You don't have to stop at updating your wardrobe! This season, we've got something special to add a little extra flair to your style: LavisLash 8D Promade Loose Fans! If you've been on the hunt for the best lash extensions to match those cozy fall vibes, your search ends right here. Our 8D Promade Loose Fans are HERE to give your lashes the same enchanting charm as the beautiful autumn leaves.

Sweater Weather Styling Tips

Let's talk about the perfect way to complement these fabulous lashes. To fully embrace the cozy spirit of sweater weather, we've got some styling tips to share with you and your clients. These tips will not only enhance your lash game but also elevate your overall fall look:
  • Warm Up Your Makeup: Suggest embracing warm, earthy tones in makeup, like rich browns, deep reds, and burnt oranges. These colors harmonize beautifully with the autumn landscape and your stunning lashes.
  • Cozy Sweater Picks: Encourage clients to opt for cozy, oversized sweaters in autumn hues. Sweater weather is all about comfort and style, and the right sweater can elevate the entire look.
  • Accessorize Thoughtfully: Recommend delicate, gold-toned jewelry and accessories to add a touch of elegance without overpowering the look. Simple pendant necklaces and hoop earrings can work wonders.
  • Scarves Galore: As the temperatures drop, scarves become a must-have accessory. Suggest lightweight scarves in complementary colors to keep clients warm and stylish.
  • Nailed It: Don't forget about the nails! Fall-inspired nail art with warm shades, leaf motifs, or even a subtle sweater pattern can tie the whole look together.
Now, with your style game on point, it's time to explore the amazing world of LavisLash Promade Fans and turn your lashes into works of art. Let's get started!

Discover the LavisLash Magic

At Lavis, we're all about delivering top-notch quality to eyelash enthusiasts, and our Promade Fans are the real deal. Crafted with love and precision by talented artisans, these fans give you that perfect, even lash coverage that'll leave you absolutely spellbound.

Serious Value for Your Bucks

Hold onto your hats because our 8D Loose Promade Fans aren't just a good deal; they're a fantastic find compared to what's out there. We're not just talking about having lots of them; we're talking about how great they are, and Lavis nails it in both areas. With 500 fans in each box, you're not just getting your money's worth; you're investing in your clients' beauty. Each fan is carefully made to make sure every lash application is smooth and easy.

Unbelievable Quality

When it comes to quality, we're the experts. Each box contains Promade Fans with the same length, curl, and thickness to give your clients the best lash treatment. Our fans are made from high-quality Korean PBT, giving you softer, more durable lashes that some clients even enjoy for up to six weeks. Plus, our fans are soft, super dark, and fluffy, making them a joy to work with. Our secret? We use a special technique to bond the fans with just the right amount of glue to keep them in place. And here's the best part – they're 100% cruelty-free. No animals were harmed in making these beauties.

Why Choose LavisLash 8D Promade Loose Fans?

  • Get Attention: Make your eyes pop with our darker fans that add depth and dimension. Perfect for embracing the cozy atmosphere of sweater weather.
  • Easy Volume: Achieve that full volume and wide fan short stem look effortlessly with our Pro Fan's super thin base. These fans are so lightweight; they'll make you feel like you're on cloud nine.
  • Convenient Shipping: We understand you want your lash supplies fast. Enjoy free shipping on orders over $170, and your essentials will arrive at your doorstep in just 3-5 business days. Ready to rock the season!
  • Worry-Free Glam: We're so sure of our product's quality that we offer a 100% return guarantee. If something goes wrong with your Promade Lashes, we've got you covered. No charge, no hassle – just your satisfaction.

LavisLash Guide to Use

Now that you're all set to up your lash game with 8D Promade Loose Fans, here's how to use them like a pro:
  1. Get Ready: Start by organizing your loose fans on a tile or silicone pad. A tidy workspace is key for a perfect application.
  2. Application Pro: Take each fan one by one, dip it in adhesive, and place it on your natural lashes. For a better result, attach the fan either at the base or to the side of your natural lash. The thin base of our Promade Fans makes it easy to blend them seamlessly.
  3. Customize Your Look: Our Promade Fans offer endless possibilities for different lash styles. Whether you want a natural, wispy look or a bold, dramatic one, you're in control. Adjust the number and placement of the fans to match your unique style.
With just 20 minutes of prep-time, you can transform your look and fully embrace the enchanting spirit of sweater weather.

Last Thoughts!

If you want to make your beauty routine more exciting this fall, LavisLash 8D Promade Loose Fans are the way to go. They are top-quality, super valuable, and very convenient. These Promade Fans will make your lashes look absolutely amazing. Don't let the changing seasons dull your shine – let your eyes sparkle with LavisLash. Get ready to slay the sweater weather season with your stunning lashes! Whether you're a pro at doing lashes or just want to step up your lash game, LavisLash has got your back. Upgrade your look, boost your beauty, and embrace the cozy charm of sweater weather with LavisLash 8D Promade Loose Fans. You'll not only look fantastic but also feel confident and ready to rock the season with style. So, what are you waiting for? Level up your look, upgrade your beauty game, and step into the enchanting world of LavisLash today! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us through THIS email or drop us a message on our social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook Page.

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