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Tips for Optimal Eyelash Extension Length Selection

by Vu Dat
Choosing the perfect length for eyelash extensions is a crucial aspect that lash artists must consider. It is essential to exercise caution and select the right lengths to ensure client satisfaction and minimize any potential harm to the natural lashes. Eyelash extension lengths come in a wide range, typically varying from 8 mm to 15 mm among different brands. The appropriate choice of eyelash extension length depends on two factors: the client's natural lashes and the desired lash style.

Selecting eyelash extension length based on the client's natural lashes

There are two general guidelines to follow when determining the ideal eyelash extension length that complements the client's natural lashes. Firstly, it is recommended to choose a length that is only 2-3 mm longer than the client's natural lashes. This ensures proper retention and prevents excessive weight that could potentially damage the natural lashes. Applying lashes that are too long may cause strain and breakage. Secondly, it is crucial to consider the right diameter based on the client's natural lashes. For clients with thin lashes, opting for smaller diameters is advisable. Conversely, if the client possesses thick and robust eyelashes, larger diameters can be used. Following both of these guidelines will prevent unintended harm to the natural lashes.

Choosing eyelash extension length based on the desired lash style

LavisLash- Eyelash extensions- Classic- hybrid-volume When selecting the appropriate eyelash extension length based on the desired lash style, it is important to take into account the client's natural lashes as well. This requires finding a balance between meeting the client's preferences and ensuring the procedure does not harm their natural lashes. In most cases, clients opt for lash lengths ranging from 8-12 mm since this aligns with the average length of natural lashes. This provides an enhanced look without appearing overly dramatic. However, there are instances where clients desire a more dramatic effect. In such situations, careful analysis and decision-making are necessary. Assess whether the client's natural lashes possess the required thickness and length to support longer extensions. This determination varies on a case-by-case basis, and there is no universal approach. Generally, naturally long and thick lashes can accommodate longer extensions, while shorter lashes are more suitable for shorter extensions. Often, a compromise is reached between the client and lash artist, finding a middle ground. However, if both parties desire a dramatic look, it can be pursued with precautions regarding retention and durability. Ultimately, the client's desires hold significance. A fundamental rule is to listen to your clients and derive decisions accordingly. Are they seeking a fuller or subtler appearance? Longer extensions in comparison to natural lashes create a wispy effect, while shorter extensions offer a fuller, darker look. Ultimately, the key lies in fulfilling the client's desires while utilizing your available resources and experience to determine the correct style and execute it to the best of your abilities. ============================================ Interact and share with us here! Let's experience our product here together!

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