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Lash Business: Eyelash Extension Certification vs. License

by Mia T

Who doesn't desire full, defined lashes that last? The beauty industry has a captivating answer: eyelash extensions and lash services. No wonder many people are eager to become lash technicians in this booming industry. Working with eyelashes is not just creative but also highly satisfying. Lash tech skill play a crucial role in making guests feel and look their absolute best version of themselves by designing personalized lash looks.

But before they can help clients, lash technicians need to be well-trained in eyelash extensions and related services. The requirements for becoming a skilled lash technician may differ depending on where you plan to work and live. However, in general, you need to obtain a license and sometimes even a certification to become a professional in the lash industry.

Let's explore with LavisLash the differences between lash certification and a lash license and determine which one might be the right choice for you.

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Eyelash Extension Certification

Lash certification means you have the necessary skills to apply eyelash extensions, and you've demonstrated this by completing a course at a reputable institute. To earn your certification, you typically need to pass an exam.

Certified lash technicians also gain extensive knowledge about eyelash anatomy, health considerations, sanitation practices, and more. When you become a certified lash technician, you become a true expert in all things lash-related.

The next step is to obtain a lash license.

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Lash License

Obtaining a lash license means getting approval from your state's cosmetology board, which allows you to legally work as a lash technician in your state. To get your license, you must meet the specific requirements set by your state's cosmetology board.

In most states, in the United States and in many beauty salons, a lash license is a legal requirement for practicing as a lash tech. It signifies that you've met the state's standards for competence and safety in providing lash services.

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Distinguishing Certified and Licensed Lash Techs

The main difference between being a certified or licensed lash technician is where your qualifications come from:

  • Certification means you got it from a respected place, proving you're skilled at putting on eyelash extensions.

  • A license, on the other hand, comes from your state's cosmetology board. It says you meet the legal standards to be a lash technician in your state.

Every state need lash tech to have a license, but not all states need extra certification. If you should get a certification, a license, or both depends on where you want to work and what your state and workplace ask for. You have to check your area's rules to make a smart choice.

Just remember, all lash techs must have a license in esthetics or cosmetology to do lash services, no matter what the state says. In some states, even if it's not needed by the state, you might need to get certified, too. The rules can be pretty different depending on your state and where you want to work, so make sure to do your homework.

The Value of Becoming a Certified Lash Technician

Even though not all states or lash jobs require certification, if you want to make a good name for yourself, think about it. Here are three good reasons why getting certified as a lash tech is a smart career move:

  • Higher Demand: People often want certified lash techs more because they know more and have better training, which makes clients and bosses like them more.

  • More Money: Certification gives you better skills and knowledge, which means you can earn more money in the beauty industry.

  • Feel More Confident: Being certified makes you feel surer and more comfortable. It means you're ready to do lash extensions and other services right from the start of your career.

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To sum up, the eyelash extension business is growing, and everyone wants long, beautiful lashes. To be a successful lash technician, you need the right papers, like certification, a license, or both, depending on where you work and what you want. No matter what you choose, remember that always learning and doing great work will make you stand out in the fun and rewarding beauty field.

Remember, when it comes to lash extensions, LavisLash is your ticket to excellence. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us through THIS email or drop us a message on our social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook Page.

Happy lashing, our friends!

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