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Comparing LLBA Lashes vs. LavisLash Lashes: Which Is Right for You?

by Quan Nguyen

I. Introduction

You are contemplating the selection of a suitable supplies brand for yourself. If you are looking to explore a new experience with reputable brands, this is the answer for you.

Choosing a lash brand that suits oneself is extremely crucial for lash artists because it is the key to their success and having the most comfortable work experience.

Both LavisLash and LLBA are two renowned lash brands in the industry, loved and trusted by many lash artists. However, many of you constantly weigh them against each other to make the most accurate choice. Let us help you with that.

II. LLBA Lashes

Features and characteristics

LLBA PROMADE LASHES are made from the highest quality PBT synthetic silk, with a light glue bonding at the base. This results in a high quality, fluffy, featherlight lash with a semi glossed, matte black finish. 

They are described as a combination of the soft, smooth, lightweight properties of mink eyelashes and the curling, natural and dense properties of synthetic eyelashes.

LLBA offers various length options depending on the type of lashes:

  • Promade Loose Fans b0.05 0.07 diameter 8-20mm
  • Ultra-Speed Promade fans 0.05 0.07 diameter 10-15mm
  • Narrow XL promade fans 0.05 0.07 diameter 8-18mm

III. LavisLash Lashes

Features and characteristics

lavislash-lavislash lashes-promade fans


Promade fans are now available boxes of 500 Fans, offering stunning value compared to our competitors! Additionally, the lashes are meticulously crafted from the finest Korean PBT by skilled artisans, offering your clients a silky feeling lash with a light glue bonding at the base.

Our Promade Fans


  • Achieve stunningly full lash coverage with darker fans!
  • Quickly creates full volume. Above all, offering some clients up to 6 weeks retention.
  •  Get the wide fan short stem look with pro fan super thin base.
  • Promade Loose Fans 0.07 8-16mm
  • Ultra-Speed Promade Fans 0.03 0.05 0.07 8-16mm
  • Narrow Medium Tray 0.07 8-16mm

LavisLash Promade Fans come in a diverse range of lengths, allowing you to mix and match according to the preferences and desires of your clients.

IV. Quality Comparison

While both brands use similar lash materials, LavisLash has introduced a slightly higher quality lash. With the material and manufacturing process, LavisLash lashes exhibit the longest durability, lasting up to 6-8 weeks, and the meticulous care given to the fine details ensures delicate and sophisticated lash extensions.

V. Cost Considerations

When it comes to pricing, LavisLash gains a significant advantage as all their products are manufactured in-house with a separate production line, resulting in factory prices. Currently, LavisLash offers the most affordable prices on the market, making it unmatched by any other brand in terms of pricing.

Compared to LLBA lashes, LavisLash offers products that are not only more affordable, often by half the price, but also boast equivalent or even superior quality.

VI. User Reviews and Ratings

Although lavislash has been recognized for its advantages, LLBA eyelashes have existed for a long time but still receive the trust of many users. Certainly, after reading this article, you should now have a suitable answer for your own work.

IX. Where to Purchase

You can purchase products from these brands on various e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Alibaba, and especially on the official websites of the respective brands:

  1. LavisLash
  2. LLBAprofessional

XI. Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Most lash types on the market today are committed to being 100% cruelty-free, as it aligns with social responsibility and ethical practices. So, both are 100% Curuelty Free

XIII. Expert Opinions

LavisLash lashes are crafted and manufactured by lash design experts. Moreover, these experts who use them have provided positive reviews. Therefore, LavisLash lashes are the optimal choice for lash artists.

By now, each of you may have found an answer to the question, "Which lash brand is the perfect choice for my lashing journey?" Every lash brand comes with its unique advantages and value, worthy of your consideration and trust. However, we hope that you'll give LavisLash products a try at least once to have the most accurate perspective about the brand. Thank you so much.

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