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Choosing the right lashes for a lash set

by Vu Dat
As lash artists, we understand the significance of the preparation process in achieving the desired look for our clients. The key lies in selecting the appropriate eyelashes and applying them skillfully.
When it comes to a lash set, choosing the right lashes is the initial step toward a successful application, benefiting both clients and lash artists. While the expertise of the artist and the quality of the products used are crucial, none of it matters if the wrong type of lashes is chosen from the start.
Decoding the process of selecting the right eyelashes is a commonly asked question, but the answers can vary based on different scenarios and contexts. To help you gain a better understanding of how it works and how to make informed decisions, we have prepared a comprehensive guide.

Important Factors in Choosing Eyelash Extensions: Catering to Personal Preferences

One of the first aspects to consider is personal taste. Ultimately, it is our clients' desires that hold the most weight. Do they prefer a subtle, fluffy, or fuller look? Or are they seeking a highly dramatic appearance?
Effective communication with your clients is vital to ensure both parties reach a mutually satisfying decision. However, it is important not to simply comply with every request. Sometimes, it is necessary to leverage our expertise and discourage demands that may be unreasonable or not in the best interest of the client (for instance, when clients request excessively extravagant extensions).
Nonetheless, if the client strongly desires a particular look and you are confident in fulfilling their wish, it is important to maintain open communication and consult with them should any issues arise.

Choosing the Right Dimension: Exploring 3D or 5D?

LavisLash- Promade fans- 3d- Loose fans
Selecting the appropriate dimension for lash extensions is critical in achieving a look that satisfies both the client and the artist. For a classic eyelash set, the recommended size is 1D, indicating a 1:1 ratio where one extension is applied to each natural lash. This option is suitable for clients seeking a natural look and already possessing full natural lashes.
On the other hand, volume lash extensions such as 3D, 5D, and 6D are ideal when clients desire a more dramatic and voluminous appearance that enhances their eyes without burdening the natural lashes. If the client has sparser lashes, extensions like 3D, 5D, or 6D are perfect choices.
However, there are instances when clients desire an extremely dramatic effect, in which case you can consider using 10D extensions and beyond to create a breathtaking appearance.

Selecting the Appropriate Length

Eyelash extensions- LavisLash- Lashes- Lash length
Determining the right length for your client's lashes requires careful consideration. Firstly, assess the client's natural lashes and avoid choosing a length that exceeds their natural lashes by more than 2–3 mm. If the extensions are too long, the weight may cause the natural lashes to break.
To ensure good retention and functionality, opt for lash extensions that are lightweight. Remember, the longer the extension, the heavier it becomes. Thus, when selecting the length, you are essentially addressing both the length and weight factors simultaneously.
You can also choose the length based on the desired lash style. For instance, many clients opt for lashes with a length of 11–13 mm, as this closely matches the length of their natural lashes. This choice provides an attractive, eye-catching appearance without being excessively dramatic.
Nevertheless, compromises often need to be made, especially if the chosen lash style is highly extravagant. In such cases, strive to select extensions with good retention and durability to achieve a balanced outcome.

Choosing the Right Thickness

The thickness, or diameter, of the lash extension is equally important as the length, if not more so in certain situations. However, determining the correct diameter is relatively straightforward.
Start by measuring your client's natural lashes precisely, and then choose lash extensions with diameters that match their natural lashes.
In some cases, you can opt for thicker extensions to create a dramatic effect. However, avoid going overboard as the diameter, like the length, affects the weight of the lashes. The thicker the extension, the heavier it becomes, increasing the risk of brittleness.
By taking these factors into account, you can ensure a well-informed selection of eyelashes that perfectly complements your client's desired look while maintaining the health and integrity of their natural lashes.

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