Inside LavisLash Lash Glue: The Secret Formula Revealed

Inside LavisLash Lash Glue: The Secret Formula Revealed

by Mai Trinh

Lash artists? Oh, they're basically like secret agents of beauty! Picture this: each tool they wield, especially the lash adhesive, is like a treasure map leading to beauty wonders. And guess what? At LavisLash, we're on a quest to reveal these hidden secrets just for you!

At LavisLash, we love solving mysteries, especially when it comes to our lash glue! So, if you're curious about what makes LavisLash glue can turn lashes be stick and stay stunning, join us on this adventure!


We have 4 main types of adhesives: Titan, Nano, Oscar, and H900. For detailed product information, please refer to the product description on each product page. In particular, we offer a complimentary small $20 bottle of Titan adhesive, which is LavisLash's best-selling adhesive, for orders of $200 or more.


The cornerstone of LavisLash lash adhesive lies in cyanoacrylate, a swift-bonding adhesive that firmly holds lash extensions in place. This ingredient reacts rapidly to moisture, ensuring a durable and reliable bond.

Think of cyanoacrylate as the super sticky hero! It's like a fast glue that immediately grabs onto things when it gets a little wet. In LavisLash glue, it's the power behind making sure your lash extensions stay firmly in place.

Carbon Black

A defining element in LavisLash's adhesive formulation is carbon black.

Don't worry, this substance is safe! This component imparts the adhesive's signature deep black hue, seamlessly blending with natural lashes for an aesthetically pleasing look.

Retention Agents

These are the special friends that help the glue stick around longer. They make the bond between your lash extensions and natural lashes stronger, so your lashes look great for a more extended period.

Polymethyl Methacrylate

This ingredient helps make sure the adhesive isn't too runny and dries just right. Think of it as the magic ingredient for that perfect lash look.


To maintain consistency and efficacy over time, stabilizing agents are often integrated into LavisLash's adhesive. These stabilizers play a pivotal role in preventing degradation and upholding the adhesive's adhesive properties.


Each part in LavisLash lash glue has its special job, working together to keep your lash extensions in place and make sure everything stays safe and sound.

Understanding these different parts helps us appreciate how carefully LavisLash has put everything together to make sure your lashes look amazing and stay that way!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us through THIS email or drop us a message on our social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook Page.

Happy lashing, our friends!

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