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Apply Pink Eyelash Extension Today to Embrace the "Barbiecore" Trend!

by Mia T
Do you want a pink eyelash extension to transform yourself into the most gorgeous version of your own Barbie doll? Even though the excitement around the "Barbie" movie with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling has gone down recently, it's still clear that this is the most popular movie of the summer in 2023 – a big hit directed by Greta Gerwig. The movie has done really well both in terms of finance and art, and when combined with the buzz around the Internet phenomenon 'Barbenheimer,' compared to Christopher Nolan's movie 'Oppenheimer,' it's caused a big sensation. The 'Barbiecore' trend from the 80s has made a comeback to its glory days due to the movie's popularity, and the pink shade has flooded social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram throughout the summer. This has initiated a series of beauty trends covered in pink, featuring sweet Barbie-like makeup styles. One of the ways to freshen up your appearance and make an impression in this pink trend is to invest in a voluminous curly eyelash extension set, alongside staple items of the "Barbiecore" style like ponytail hairstyles, vibrant pink lips, and sparkling beauty marks! LavisLash is thrilled to introduce to you the method for successfully attaching a set of pink lashes that not only showcases your individual personality but also stays on-trend. We present to our high-quality products that you need in your shopping cart today – LavisLash Promade Fan lashes in pink, available in 6D, and if you prefer a softer look, take a look at LavisLash's 7D Wispy pink lashes! SEE MORE: LavisLash Guide: How to DIY Color Lash Extensions to Welcome Labor Day

Essential Tips for Pink Eyelash Extension Application

Learn the must-know tips for successful pink eyelash extension application, whether you're a skilled lash tech or an enthusiast who love to DIY. Discover the key steps to achieve stunning, long-lasting results with a pink lash set.
  • Pick Extensions That Fit Your Vibe: Start off by choosing pink lash extensions that match your style and how curly you want them to be. Think about how long, thick, and what they're made of too. This step is like your magic wand to get the look you want – whether you're going for a chill and balanced vibe or a full-on dramatic effect.
  • Prep Your Real Lashes: Getting things ready right is a big deal for getting those lashes on point. So, gently wash your own lashes using a cleanser that doesn't have any oil. This cleans off any leftover makeup, oils, or dirt, giving your lashes a fresh canvas for the extensions. That's the secret to making the glue stick like a champ and keeping your lashes looking awesome for longer.
  • Get Some Grade-A Glue: Here's where the gluey magic happens. Get yourself some top-notch adhesive that's like a superhero for lash extensions. Look for one that's made just for these lashes and doesn't have any latex. It's gotta give your extensions a solid grip while keeping you comfy. The right glue is like the glue that holds friendships together – essential to keep things in place and looking fab.
  • Set Up a Neat Workspace: Before you dive into the lash adventure, set up your workspace all nice and tidy. Make sure the lighting's good so you can work with ninja-like precision. A clean and clutter-free space is like the VIP ticket to fewer slip-ups and smoother work. Keep things neat and you'll be working like a lash pro.
  • Attach with Love and Precision: If you're a lash pro, you'll be using isolation tweezers to separate each of your real lashes before putting on the extensions. This tiny step is major. It makes sure each of your real lashes gets a single extension – no awkward clumps allowed. Pop on the extensions at a 45-degree angle to get that super smooth look that fits your lashes just right.
  • Keep Lashes Looking Fresh: After those pink lash extensions are all set, it's time to keep them in tip-top shape. Remember, no rubbing those eyes, no oily stuff near them, and easy on the water exposure. And don't forget the follow-up love – book yourself for touch-ups regularly. These little visits keep your lash game strong, replacing any lost extensions and making sure everything stays looking lush and even.
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LavisLash: Your Gateway to the Pink Eyelash Wonderland

We bring you premium quality pink eyelash extensions that not only let your unique personality shine through but also keep you in vogue. Allow us to introduce you to our exceptional offerings – the LavisLash 6D Pink Promade Fan lashes. If you're drawn to a softer look, explore the LavisLash 7D Wispy Pink lashes. We assure you with a 100% return guarantee, ensuring you're fully satisfied. SEE MORE: LAVISLASH REFUND POLICY - 100% MONEY BACK

About 6D Pink Promade Fan lashes:

Our skilled experts create each fan with great care, making them true works of art. We make sure to protect their perfect quality by putting them in separate boxes while they're being transported. These lashes are made from high-quality Korean PBT material, which is lightweight but strong. They are attached securely with gentle glue. The outcome? Lashes that are soft and incredibly fluffy. They're easy to work with because they have small and manageable bases. We're so confident in the quality that we offer a 100% return guarantee as a sign of our commitment to excellence. Quick Insights:
  • Box guarantee: 1000 fans per box.
  • Offering six lengths (10-15mm), with a uniform curl and thickness.
  • Pink is the color that encapsulates the essence of these lashes.

Discover 7D Pink Wispy Lashes:

Just like our 6D promade fans, these lashes are made with high-quality Korean PBT material and a gentle adhesive base, guaranteeing unmatched quality. The LavisLash 7D Pink Wispy lashes are also gentle and incredibly fluffy, making them a delight to use. What makes them special is the built-in 3mm spike that adds a hint of textured charm to your appearance. This unique feature makes creating wispy lash sets incredibly easy, assuring a remarkable lash experience. Quick Insights:
  • Box guarantee: 1000 fans per box.
  • Wispy Lashes consist of a fan and an extended 3mm spike.
  • Length variations: Mix lengths (10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15) and Spike lengths (13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18).
  • Uniform curl and thickness across all six lengths.
  • Pink, the color that embodies the very spirit of the ongoing trend, graces these lashes.

Last Thoughts!

Are you ready to step into the spotlight of the fashion trend? Getting on board with the pink eyelash extension trend is like giving yourself a one-way ticket to rocking that iconic Barbiecore vibe. It doesn't matter if you're a pro lash artist or just a curious soul looking to DIY some lash magic – LavisLash has got your back with high-quality products that'll make you shine in the pink frenzy. Seriously, why hold back? Don't hesitate – jump into the world of pink lashes and leave your mark today! Keep up with us on Instagram and give a thumbs up to our Facebook fan page, LavisLash US, to stay in the loop about what's hot, crazy discounts, and some seriously exclusive deals. So come on, join us now and let's make those pink fantasies a reality! If you've got any queries about eyelash extensions, feel free to get in touch and drop a message to LavisLash right HERE. Our customer support team is here around the clock, more than happy to assist all you lovely customers out there!

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