Anime Lash Extension: Your Gateway to Captivating Eyes

by Mia T
Today, we're diving into a global trend: the Anime Lash style. You've probably heard of it, but perhaps you've hesitated to try it on your clients. These lash extensions offer a unique and stunning look inspired by the wide-eyed, enchanting characters in Japanese anime. And we're here to guide you in creating them, whether you've been considering this trendy look for a while or if it's your first time exploring it. But what makes anime lashes so extraordinary? Why has this style become so popular?

What is Anime Lash Set?

Anime lash extensions are like fancy eyelash extensions that make your eyes look just like those cute and captivating characters in anime shows. They make your lashes longer, fuller, and super curly, giving you that doll-like, wide-eyed look. These extensions are made from top-notch materials like synthetic stuff or natural fibers such as silk or mink, so they feel super light and comfy on your eyes. Anime lashes particularly emphasize the lower lash line, producing an exaggerated doll-eye appearance reminiscent of female anime and manga characters. It's a fun way to create a dramatic look without going overboard. Get trendy and stylish Anime Lashes with LavisLash HERE!

How to get an Anime Lash set?

To achieve this unique look, it's all about mastering the technique. Although the top and bottom lash lines are the typical spots for anime lash extensions, you can adjust them to suit your client's eye shape perfectly. Alright, so here's the deal when it comes to getting those awesome anime-inspired lashes: forget about the boring old rules and get creative! First, let's look at things from a different angle by following the 90-degree guideline for the longest spike in each chunk. That spike is gonna be the star of the show, holding everything together. Now, here's the cool part: point the shorter spikes in the chunk towards the longest one. Bam! You'll get this super cool effect that makes your lash sets pop with depth and dimension. It's all about trying new things and having fun! Don't be confined to using a single lash length for your chunks; embrace versatility by incorporating different lash lengths. Thin tips create a delicate and fluttery appearance, capturing the essence of anime eyes, while a dense base adds volume and provides a solid foundation for your lash look. Dare to go lower by adjusting the length of your base spikes by 4-5mm, achieving an eye-catching effect that elevates your anime-inspired look. If you don't have the exact shorter lengths you need, try experimenting with different curl types, such as a cc curl for your chunks and a c curl for the base, creating a mesmerizing contrast that draws attention to your lash sets.

Suitable eye shape for Anime Lashes

Anime lashes are perfect for all kinds of eyes and clients. If your client wants to round out their eye shape, make 'em look bigger, or add some lash volume, anime eyelash extensions are the way to go. They're also awesome for folks who want longer lashes without waiting for them to grow naturally. If your client has narrow-shaped eyes, anime lashes are a total win! They'll get that striking anime character look that's so famous in anime and manga culture. But even if their eyes aren't narrow or almond-shaped, these extensions can still do wonders for enhancing their eye shape. But hey, there are times when anime lashes might not be the best fit. For clients with naturally big, round eyes, or eyes that are close-set, the lashes might make 'em look startled instead of alluring. And if your client doesn't want their eyes to appear bigger than they are, anime style lashes might not be their thing. With these insider tips, you'll become an anime lash master, letting your creativity flourish and captivating even the most devoted anime fans. In conclusion, anime lashes are one of the hottest trends in the beauty industry, and for good reason! They provide a unique and captivating look that sets your clients apart. These lashes can transform your client into an anime princess without looking like they're in a costume! UPDATE the lastest trends with LavisLash! DISCOVER OUR WORLD OF LASHES!

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