Discover 5 Ways to Increase Your Price while Retaining Every Client

by Mia T
Are you a lash artist looking to boost your revenue while keeping your clients satisfied? Look no further! When it comes to running a lash business, a common question that arises is when to increase the prices of eyelash services. Finding the right time and strategy to raise lash extension cost without losing customers can be a touchy subject. So, how can you successfully raise your eyelash extension prices without driving away your valued customers? There are a few factors to consider when contemplating a price increase, and it's important to remember that any changes should be implemented gradually. EXPLORE MORE: CLIENTS MATTER: Polite Lash Client Firing Tips.

Some tips to navigate this situation!

  1. Build loyalty: Cultivate a strong bond with your clients. If they love visiting you regularly, they are more likely to stick around despite fee increases. Create a friendly and personal relationship so that they see you as a trusted friend or family member. This will encourage them to continue coming for lash fills or infills every week or two weeks.
  2. Transparent pricing: When there are changes in your pricing structure, it's important to be open and honest with your clients. Clearly communicate why the change is happening and provide suggestions on how they can manage costs, such as extending the time between fills.

5 factors to consider when raising prices!

  1. Reason for the increase: As a lash artist, there may come a point where your current prices no longer cover the expenses or reflect the value of your work. This could be due to rising rental fees, increased costs of lash products, higher living expenses, or improvements to your lash area. Careful planning is necessary when contemplating a pricing adjustment.
  2. Be firm: Once you have determined the reason for the increase and updated your pricing, it's crucial to stand by your decision. You don't need to disclose every detail of why the increase is happening. Explain that external factors have necessitated the adjustment, such as rising costs or changes in demand. Emphasize the importance of the new prices and the specific amount they need to go up by.
  3. Customer attrition and acquisition: It's natural to expect that some customers may choose to leave due to a charge increase. However, it's equally important to believe that new customers who value your service will come, regardless of the pricing. Trust that the right customers will appreciate your expertise and dedication.
  4. Justifying the cost increase: While you may have achieved the desired increase, it's essential to ensure that the rise is justified. Enhancements such as a better lash area or the use of high-quality lash products can help clients understand the change in pricing. Show that the increase is worthwhile and delivers an improved experience.
  5. Quality service: Eyelash extensions are in high demand for their longevity, aesthetics, and quick application process. However, with any popular service comes pressure to increase fees. If you're concerned that a $10 increase per appointment may deter customers, rest assured that they will still come if you provide exceptional service that goes above and beyond. When clients recognize the effort you put into delivering a quality experience, they will appreciate it, even if they didn't immediately notice the difference.
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Last note!

When raising your eyelash extensions expense, remember that it's not about overcharging, but rather about delivering a high-quality product that justifies the increased investment. Some customers may not be willing to pay more, but that may indicate they weren't the right fit for your business. Ensure that the price increase reflects the value and effort you put into each client's experience. Give clients ample notice before their appointments so that they can plan accordingly and maximize the lifespan of their extensions. By following these guidelines and maintaining open communication with your clients, you can successfully raise your eyelash extension costs without compromising customer satisfaction or your business's financial stability. Level up your lash game with Lavislash by invaluable insights! DISCOVER OUR WORLD OF LASHES!

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