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Are you looking to make your eyelashes look longer and more beautiful? Lash extensions can help you achieve that. They add extra lashes to your own, giving you a fuller and more dramatic look. In this article, we'll talk about five different lash styles you might like. So, let's get started and find out about these amazing lash options! In recent years, lash extensions have become really popular. They're a convenient and long-lasting way to make your lashes look gorgeous. Instead of applying makeup every day, you can have these synthetic lashes attached to your own. Now, let's see which five styles are in high demand.

Classic Lashes

Classic style are the perfect choice for those seeking a natural yet enhanced look. With this style, one synthetic lash extension is applied to each of your natural lashes. The result is a subtle increase in length and volume, creating a beautiful fluttery effect. Classic lashes are ideal for individuals who want to maintain a more natural appearance while still enjoying the benefits of longer and fuller lashes. SEE MORE: How M Curl Classic Lashes Transform Your Eyes: Unleash the Magic after 7 days ! Enhance Your Natural Beauty: Mastering Super Full Classic Lashes

Volume LashesLavisLash- Eyelash extensions- Lash- Volume set- Volume eyelash extensions

If you desire a more glamorous and dramatic look, volume lashes are an excellent option. This style involves applying multiple lightweight lash extensions to each natural lash, creating a fuller and more voluminous appearance. Volume style offer a stunning effect, perfect for special occasions or those who love a bold and striking look. Check our stuffs now to create your own volume set! SEE MORE: How to Make Your Own Volume Fans The Pros and Cons of Volume Lash Extensions: Everything You Need to Know

Hybrid Lashes

For those who can't decide between classic and volume, hybrid offer the best of both worlds. This style combines individual lashes with handmade volume fans to create a textured and multidimensional effect. Hybrid provide a natural yet fuller appearance, giving you the best of both styles. SEE MORE: Lash Supplies for Stunning Hybrid Lashes: Creating Your Look with LavisLash

Mega Volume Lashes

For the ultimate lash transformation, look no further than mega volume lashes. This style is all about maximum volume and drama. It involves applying multiple ultra-fine lash extensions to each natural lash, resulting in an incredibly dense and voluminous look. Mega volume lash set is perfect for those who want to make a bold statement and turn heads wherever they go.

Cat Eye Lashes

LavisLash- eyelash extensions- Cat eye lashes If you desire an eye-opening and seductive look, cat eye lashes are the way to go. This style focuses on elongating the outer corners of your eyes, creating a feline-inspired appearance. By applying longer lashes to the outer lashes, cat eye style lift and accentuate the eyes, giving them a captivating and alluring effect.


Lash extensions offer an incredible opportunity to enhance your natural beauty and achieve the stunning lashes you've always dreamed of. Whether you prefer a natural, voluminous, or dramatic look, there will always have a lash style perfect for you. Classic, volume, hybrid, mega volume and cat eye lash style each offer their own unique charm. By consulting with a professional lash technician, you can determine which lash style suits your features and desired outcome best. Say goodbye to mascara and hello to gorgeous lashes with the help of lashes extensions!


How long do lash extensions last?

Typically last between four to six weeks, depending on your natural lash growth cycle and how well you maintain them.

Can I wear makeup with lash extensions?

Yes, of course you can, but it's essential to choose oil-free and water-based products to avoid damaging the lash adhesive.

Are lash extensions safe for my natural lashes?

When applied correctly by a trained professional, that method is safe and should not damage your natural lashes.

How long does the lashes application process take?

The application process can take around two to three hours, as each lash applied is individually attached to your natural lashes with precision.

Can I swim or shower with lashes applying?

Yes, you can swim and shower with lashes applied. However, it's advisable to avoid excessive exposure to water in the first 24 to 48 hours after the application to allow the adhesive to set properly. In conclusion, eyelash extensions offer a wide range of styles to cater to various preferences and desired looks. Whether you opt for classic, volume, hybrid, mega volume, or cat eye, you can achieve stunning and head-turning lashes. Consult with a professional lash technician to discover which style is best suited for you, and get ready to experience the confidence and beauty that method bring. Say hello to luscious lashes and embrace your enhanced natural beauty! DISCOVER OUR WORLD OF LASHES!

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