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5 Instagram Tips to Grow Your Lash Business

by chantel swain
Social Media: A Powerful Tool in the Beauty Industry In the modern beauty industry, social media has become an exceptionally potent asset. When it comes to finding a lash artist, clients have become accustomed to using platforms like Instagram. It has become increasingly challenging to book clients without showcasing your work or giving them a glimpse of who you are. Therefore, understanding the power of Instagram and utilizing it effectively can significantly contribute to growing your lash business and attracting a steady stream of clients. In this article, we will explore five essential tips for using Instagram to expand your lash business.

1. Post Daily to Showcase Your Work

Lash Business- lavislash-Grow Your Lash BusinessLash Business-lavislash-Grow Your Lash Business Regularly updating your Instagram account is vital. Instagram serves as a free portfolio that allows potential clients to view your work. When searching for a lash technician, clients prefer seeing visual evidence of their skills. By neglecting to post on Instagram, you may inadvertently be hindering your business's potential growth and losing out on potential clients. Posting every day on Instagram is crucial. Considering Instagram's impressive user base of over 1 billion active individuals globally, it's evident that its reach is undeniably extensive. Consistent posting ensures that your page remains relevant and visible to potential clients, giving them an opportunity to appreciate your abilities and expertise. Here are some Instagram post ideas to showcase your lash artistry: Subheading: Visual Variety
  • Post high-quality photos of your lash sets.
  • Create collages displaying different angles of a set.
  • Highlight the different lash styles you offer, such as Classic, Volume, Hybrid, etc.
  • Share videos of clients blinking and flaunting their beautiful lashes.
  • Feature video reviews from satisfied clients expressing their love for their lashes and overall experience.
  • Provide information about your business policies, pricing, and other specific details.
  • Show your face! Clients prefer to connect with someone they feel comfortable and connected to.
  • Organize giveaways or promotional deals to engage your audience.
#Lavislash Quick Tip: Don't forget to regularly update your Instagram Stories as well. Stories only last for 24 hours, so ensure they are never empty! Remember, content is key, and the more you share, the better Lash Business!

2. Leverage Instagram Reels and IGTV

Do you incorporate video content alongside lash photos? In 2022, Instagram made it clear that video content is a priority, with a particular emphasis on Instagram Reels. These short, engaging videos receive significant promotion within the app, surpassing traditional in-feed posts in terms of visibility and reach. Instagram is an excellent platform to create and share videos. The app actively supports and promotes accounts that utilize its video features. To maximize your presence, aim to post at least four Reels per week and one to two IGTV videos. Although it may sound overwhelming, you can streamline the process by recording "bulk content" in a single session and then sharing it throughout the week. Here are some ideas for video content: Subheading: Engaging Video Concepts
  • Capture a short five-second video clip panning across the client before and after completing their lash set.
  • Take advantage of Instagram's fun sounds and transition effects to create before-and-after videos or short clips of completed full sets with trending songs.
  • Record time-lapse videos showcasing your setup process, providing a behind-the-scenes glimpse for fellow lash artists and clients.

3. Optimize Your Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio should be clear and concise, conveying essential information about your Lash Business, services, and location. Ensuring that potential clients can effortlessly grasp your identity, location, and appointment booking process is of utmost importance. If your bio is unclear or lacks this vital information, it may discourage clients from taking the next step. Too often, we encounter beautifully curated lash pages with stunning photos and impeccable work, only to find that the artist's location is missing. This can be a significant deterrent for potential clients who are uncertain about your availability. Moreover, Instagram's Explore Page often combines local Lash Business based on geolocation searches and promotes global content to larger audiences. By including your location in your bio, you increase the chances of attracting local clients. Furthermore, Facebook and Instagram utilize keywords to improve page discoverability. Including phrases like "Lash Extensions in Reno" in your bio can help your page appear in relevant search results when clients specifically search for that keyword. Subheading: Crafting an Effective Instagram Bio

4. Schedule Your Posts for Consistency

Are you struggling to find time to schedule your Instagram posts? Remember the popular adage, "A Sunday well spent brings a week of content." Whether you choose to dedicate a specific day or allocate a few hours each week, investing time in planning and scheduling your social media posts can greatly benefit your lash business. Here are some popular scheduling apps to consider:
  • Facebook Creator Studio
  • Planoly
  • Buffer
These apps offer free versions with optional paid upgrades and provide scheduling options for grid posts, Instagram stories, and IGTV videos.

5. Create Bulk Content for a Steady Stream

Do you produce bulk content for your Instagram account? Generating a surplus of content ensures you never run out of engaging material to share. By capturing numerous photos and videos during each lash session, you can repurpose them across various social media platforms. For instance, you can create a grid post of a beautiful lash set on one day, and later in the week, share a Boomerang on your Instagram Story featuring the client blinking and showcasing their stunning lashes. Additionally, video clips can be transformed into captivating Reels. Bulk content offers versatility, allowing you to:
  • Create engaging Instagram Reels using short video clips.
  • Craft collages showcasing different angles of completed lash sets.
  • Maintain a consistent posting schedule without relying solely on fresh content from new models.
#Lavislash Quick Tip: It's highly recommended to capture a plethora of photos from various angles and record multiple videos during each session. By doing so, you guarantee that you possess a wide array of top-notch content at your disposal, allowing you to select the best options for sharing. It's not uncommon to have photos with shadows, poor lighting, or blurry images. By having an abundance of visuals, you can avoid such limitations. Remember, sharing a diverse range of visuals is key to promoting your lash business effectively and attracting potential clients. We sincerely hope that these five Instagram tips help you propel your lash business to new heights. Happy lashing!

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